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Athlete Recruiting Videos

Tall Design Guy produces high-definition video that will showcase your student-athlete’s best plays and their best attributes to potential college recruiters. Each year, thousands of college coaches are in search of up and coming student-athletes that will make an impact on their program while thousands of athletes are competing for those roster spots.

Take the proactive approach and go to them and get a competitive edge on the competition.

Athlete Recruitment Video Features


Athlete Profile

Setting the tone from the start with your vital statistics


Slow-motion effect on select impactful plays and moments


Athlete Isolated Targeting

Putting the focus on you at the start of each highlight clip

Video Footage

You supply the video and we take care of the rest

Continuous Information Bar

Professional player information bar overlay throughout your video

Online Upload

Review your video online and download for use on social media

How much is a scholarship worth to you?

Video is the most effective and impactful way to market your talent in front of college recruiters. Through the use of game highlights and full game videos, coaches are able to evaluate your abilities, tendancies and even your work ethic while on the floor of competition.

Coaches, scouts and recruiters do not have the time or resources to visit with every potential recruit. Take the proactive approach and get in front of them with professionally produced highlights and game footage.

Pricing Information

Take the proactive approach to your recruiting process




A great option to highlight your best plays from one game or tournament

15 Plays Submitted*

Player Information Graphic

Player Isolation and Stop Motion

Continuous Information Bar at Bottom




A popular option to create your official recruiting highlight video and get Posterized by TDG

30 Plays Submitted*

Player Information Graphic

Player Isolation and Stop Motion

(3) Slow-Motion Replays

Continuous Information Bar at Bottom

Posterized Design

*Submitted plays provided by a time code sheet indicating the time in and time out of a highlight you wish to have included
*Time sheet will be provided by Tall Design Guy.  You can elect to have Tall Design Guy choose the plays.  An additional fee will apply. Call for more details.

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Please contact us to clarify any concerns or questions by completing the form on the right or by giving us a call.  Athletic Marketing & Design by TDG, a game changer.

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